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About Budget Calendar App 

Budget Calendar keeps all your personal/family expenses recorded on daily basis.

Whenever you need to gain control over your personal/family budget, see all you expenses and incomes for every day, find budget leaking points – Budget Calendar can help you.

Budget Calendar is a simple recorder of payments for any calendar day. Just add them one by one when you close the day and see where and if you need adjustments. Budget Calendar will help you understand potential budget leaks and build disciplined approach to your financial flows.

Budget Calendar stays away from sensitive details. It does not require linkage to your bank accounts or personal information. It is a notepad for your daily payments.


Main Features:

- Add/Delete/Edit daily payments;

- Daily balance;

- Monthly balance;

- Visibility of all daily payment;

- Monthly income/expenses balance chart;

- Monthly expenses breakdown chart;

- Hiding screen details whenever you move the app to background or switch off the phone screen.

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