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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right way to place my device?

App Functionality

Place your device on the horizontal surface (screen up) the way that when the yarn winder is rotating with the magnet (attached to one of its shoulders) is going above the device. Depending on your device model, the magnet is sensed better when it crosses from left to right or from bottom to top of the device...

How do I know if the app works on my iOS device?


The Yarn Yardage app is created for iOS version 14.4 or later. But it is possible to download on previous iOS versions. Please check Compatibility details in the AppStore for this app. If it is supported by your iOS version it will allow you to install and use the app.

Is there an Android version of this app?

Android Compatibility

Yes, the Yarn Yardage App is available in Google Play.

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