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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right way to place my device?

App Functionality

Horizontal installation

Place your device on the horizontal surface (screen up) the way that when the yarn winder is rotating with the magnet (attached to one of its shoulders) is going above the device. Depending on your device model, the magnet is sensed better when it crosses from left to right, bottom to top, right to left, top to bottom of the device. See schematic representation below of the iOS version. This is applicable to Android version.

It is recommended to test your device position prior to actual yarn measuring to ensure that the magnet is detected on each rotation of the yarn winder.

The distance between the device is about 5-7 cm (2-3") for a typical fridge magnet. Depending on the magnet strength this distance may need to adjusted during initial checkups of how your yarn winder works with the application.

Vertical installation

Similar to the horizontal installation, the device needs to be mounted vertically with its screen facing the magnet attached to your yarn winder's shoulder. In this installation the winder rotates in the vertical plane. Important: your device needs to be mounted firmly to avoid changing position during measurement process. 


During actual yarn measuring avoid backwards rotation as the device will count-in each magnet crossing as a new rotation which will introduce an error in the yarn length measurement.

Device Alignment - Left Right.png
Device Alignment - Bottom Top.png
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